The Wonderful Freedom of Choosing - Quote by WOCADO

The Wonderful Freedom of Choosing
Quote by Aimee Stewart

 “I’ve realized the wonderful freedom
of simply letting
my mind, heart, and imagination
do the choosing for me.”
~ Aimee Stewart
Aimee Stewart is a self taught artist, photographer and writer who has music in her soul and daydreams in her blood, she lives life as one giant creative endeavor. Her artwork is a blend of photography, digital art, and traditional art. It is all self-taught. By combining various methods of photography, digital manipulation, hand painting, and textured layering she creates wonderful artscapes. Her works have been published in numerous magazines throughout the world, allowing her to work with wonderfully diverse clientele.
Official Website:
Dreamtime - Aimee Stewart
You can buy her artwork here:
aimee stewart artwork - redbubble

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