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Hello and Welcome!

I am so happy to see you here!

My name is Maya Lavda. I am a designer, business-owner, wocado(er), ideaspot(er), follower, leader, thinker, dreamer, observer, reader, joker …. er….rrr.. oh yes! : humbler, bold(er) & BLOND(er)…

I live in Athens, Greece and I am a professional designer and founder of a well established creative studio in Greece.

After having worked for quite a number of years for many wonderful and respected clients, I decided to start a personal side-project where my design skills and creativity could be combined with my personal pursue of becoming a happier person while sharing my thoughts, lessons and inspirations with like-minded people.

So, apart from just creating awesome visuals for the purpose of promoting a product or a client’s service I thought I might as well create visually compelling and inspiring illustrations that -hopefully- people would like to share, or wear, or hang on their walls or offer them as gifts or just re-post on their facebook or website or blog. You see, I think we all read and see so many wonderful quotes, sayings, words and ideas all over the internet, that we want to keep and remember them over and over again, so we can stay inspired, motivated and positive all the time!

And that is how

wocado || words can do

was born!

And with your help and feedback I hope we will all be able to…

… ‘draw’ a smile on every face
and make the world a better place!


…an abbreviation of the phrase : ‘words can do’

wocado is all about capturing and visualizing the power of words and quotes and applying them on images, posters, paintings, facebook timeline covers, t-shirts, mugs, e-cards, print cards and more.. we create motivational and empowering images and offer them as high resolution printables, that you can print on items to carry, wear or share. So you can stay motivated and share the love and inspiration with your loved ones, all day, every day!.

We also offer customization services and create customized pieces of art according to your preferences.

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