enthral - Word of the Day by WOCADOenthral (or enthrall)

– capture the fascinated attention of.
– To hold spellbound; captivate:

When something is so fascinating that it holds all your attention, it is said to enthrall.

If you’ve even fallen under someone’s spell, it won’t surprise you to learn that when enthrall first entered the English language it carried the meaning of “to hold in mental or moral bondage” or “to enslave.” Nowadays the verb enthrall is used to describe something so wonderful and captivating that the person experiencing it feels like a slave. If you enthrall someone, you make them powerless — in a sense, a slave to your charms.

delight, enchant, enrapture, bedazzle, catch up, fascinate, grip, hypnotize, mesmerize, spellbind, ravish


  • I dared not pause to look on her as I had on her sister, lest once more I should begin to be enthrall.
    Dracula by Stoker, Bram
  • And when I bade the dream Upon thy spirit flee, Thy violet eyes to me Upturned, did overflowing seem With the deep, untold delight Of Love’s serenity; Thy classic brow, like lilies white And pale as the Imperial Night Upon her throne, with stars bedight, Enthralled my soul to thee!
    Poems by Poe, Edgar Allan

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