Knowing Yourself by WOCADO

Knowing Yourself by WOCADO

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

~Andre Maurois

Self knowledge is a precious state of existence. I think it helps us be happier in so many ways… We feel way less vulnerable to what other people or society in general thinks of us. With such knowledge, we pursue a liberated way of thinking and feel no guilt when we follow our own unique or unconventional path in life.

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3 thoughts on “Knowing Yourself”

  1. Thank you for the image. I love this quote because I am a past life regression therapist and it fits perfectly within my field. I would love to see images involving clocks, time, or of people in different time frames like victorian, wartime, 60’s, etc because when a person understands their past lives they can understand what is happening in their life right now. Best wishes Anne

    1. Thank you Anne for your comment and your suggestions. I will try to include some images as you say. Feel free to contact me via email, to discuss further. I would appreciate you sharing some quotes with me, that you think would fit best with your concept. Looking forward to hearing from you (you can use the contact form to contact me via email and we can take it from there)
      All my best to you, Maya

  2. God knew your history way before He ordered your steps for destiny. Stop agonizing over what you’ve done & prepare for the rest of the steps of the original plan. If He’s still blessing you today it’s obvious He’s more over your past than you are. Feel free to join Him on the other side of your sin and prepare for better days ahead. Give God a chance to make your future so fantastic your past seems laughable. Stop feeling imprisoned for something He already pardoned you for. đź’–

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