July 2014 - Wallpaper Calendar FREE by WOCADO

July is the month I was born. So, for many years now, I have been celebrating July as the start of a New Year for me.

Honouring my “personal tradition”, I have decided to start a new series of free gifts for Wocado Friends: Usually, people start creating calendars for the month of January and so on. Since a new year for me starts on July, I will be starting from now: On the 1st day of every month, I will be uploading a UNIQUE, custom designed wallpaper calendar you can use on your desktops or mobile devices for the whole month. Furthermore, if you like the design and you want to use it regardless of the month, I will be uploading them without calendar as well.

Wallpapers will be available in various resolutions. If you need a resolution that is not currently available, please let me know in the comments and I will include it as soon as possible.

For this first July 2014 Wallpaper Calendar, the theme is inspired by a quote from Sara Coleridge:

“Hot July brings cooling showers, apricots and gillyflowers”
~ Sara Coleridge, Pretty Lessons in Verse

Nothing is more memorable than a smell.  One scent can conjure up a childhood summer by the seaside, with apricots just picked up from the tree, with the sweet scents of carnations blending  with the cool sea breeze. That is summer for me: I was blessed to be born and live my childhood in Greece by the sea. And I am grateful I can still ‘renew’ my memories every year here, right by the sea..


So, do you like my idea??? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “July 2014 Wallpaper Calendar FREE”

  1. Hello. . Greetings, smiles and happiness to all of you.. Your site is wonderful. I am blessed to have landed here.. thank you for what you are doing.. your spreading comfort, happiness and love out across the world.
    Your place where you live seems beautiful. . Enjoy yourself.. blessing be, Joanne

    1. Dear Joanne, welcome to our WOCADO circle of Friends! Thank you very very much for your warm words and blessings!! I adore reading them :)..
      Our country is blessed with sun and sea all over, and I love the countryside very much. But I also find very beautiful places all over the world, I wish I will be able to visit sometime.. I guess every place on earth is beautiful if you have the eyes to see and appreciate.
      Enjoy yourself too, my new friend. And whenever you decide to visit Greece, I will be glad to give you more information, help and -who knows- even a warm welcome if that fits to your schedule.. 🙂

  2. hi! i have just discovered your website and LOVE it!!! i am also a july baby1 i tried to download the calendar: followed the link and clicked on the size i wanted. it didnt work. should i be doing something else?

    1. Hi Tazmin, thank you very much for your uplifting words and welcome to wocado!!

      When you click on the size you want there is an option or an icon (like a down arrow) you can click to download the image. Alternatively, you can right click and ‘save image as’
      Please try once more, and if you still cannot download the image, tell me the size you want and I can send it to you, to your email.
      Oh!! and happy birthday 🙂

  3. Ur thougts are so up lifting cant get over my sarrow lost my son of 46 yrs to lukiema 3/14.can u share w me thks

    1. Thank you Karen very much for your feedback. Welcome to the WOCADO circle of friends. Wishing you a wonderful and lovely weekend and an amazing summer time.. 🙂

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