I want - Jorge Bucay Poster


8×10 Printable

I want you to listen to me without judging me
I want you to give your opinion without giving me advice
I want you to trust me without expecting anything
I want you to help me without deciding for me
I want you to care for me without smothering me
I want you to see me without seeing yourself in me
I want you to hug me without suffocating me
I want you to encourage me without hassling me
I want you to hold me without holding me down
I want you to protect me without lying
I want you to come closer without intruding
I want you to know everything that displeases you about me
That you accept this and do not try to change it
I want you to know that you can count on me today

8X10 Printable


I want - Jorge Bucay Printable Poster (8x10)

I want - Jorge Bucay Printable Poster (8x10)

Such a  wonderful writing! I loved the idea of freedom and respect both to oneself and to the other so I thought I would love to have this Jorge Bucay Poster on my wall as a reminder!

If you have not heard of Jorge Bucay I would suggest that you take a look at his books and writings. I am sure you will find very inspiring thoughts and ideas.

Here is another set of posters I have done with one of his stories. :

THE SEEKER – Jorgey Bucay 

The Seeker - Jorge Bucay

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