Easter Thoughts With A Scent of Lillac by WOCADO

Easter Thoughts with a Scent of Lilac*

I Wonder Do You Still Remember …
… to celebrate Spring?
… to admire the Flowers while thinking that the Earth smiles in them?
… to watch the joy of a child eating a Chocolate Bunny
and let yourself dive in the chocolate too?
… to throw yourself into colours and brushes
and decorate unique coloured eggs?

I Wonder Do You Still Remember …

“that Earthly Happiness is made to the measure of man…
it is not a rare bird which we must pursue
at one moment in heaven,
at the next in our minds… 
Happiness is a domestic bird,
found in our own courtyard”
~Nikos Kazantzakis, “Report to Greko”

Happy Easter!

…and Remember to Always Share Every Thought that Makes You Smile 🙂

*Lilac in Greece is called ‘paschalia’ because it blooms always in Easter  – Pascha in Greek – Time

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And Always Remember to Celebrate Life!
Thank YOU for being here 🙂 !

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