what kind of life you've lived -wocado quote

It’s not what you gather
but what you scatter
that tells
what kind of life
you ‘ve lived
~ Helen Walton

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One thought on “What Kind Of Life You’ve Lived”

  1. I like the words very much and they remind me my favourite Russian proverb: ” What you scatter, that you get”. I like scattering love, kindness, support round me. An really I do get it back. Especially from my sons. I even included the words in the lullaby which I wrote for my son. Sure hope my kids grow up to be kind people which hearts are full of love to the world round them. If you do all in your life with love, the seeds of love, u have scattered , will turn in beautiful flowers like on this piece of art. Thank you, Maya, for reminding us the main law of love and God’s in all world religions.

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